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Toshiba black beetle basic (750 gb)

Item No: 6078
Package Size:2.5 inches

Product Description

The main parameters Memory capacity: 750 gb Hard disk size: 2.5 -inch hard disk drive Data transfer rate: 480 MB/s Appearance design: color: black Special corner sleek design, and at the same time, small volume, light weight, easy to carry. Suitable for mature and responsible business people, product facade design follow the simple principle, only Toshiba product LOGO is located in below. Physical size: 79 * 118.9 * 13.5 mm Product weight: 147 g Other features: hard disk packing using renewable materials production, in order to minimize the waste of resources, hard disk adopted a lighter, more smooth, more concise fashion appearance design, continued the Toshiba consistent design style. Packaging side to color label the product information parameter, this product is Toshiba original home furnishings. Power performance: no extra power adapter, the use of USB cable direct power supply can. Warranty information The warranty policy: the national joint guarantee, enjoy after-sales services Quality assurance time: 3 years