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Toshiba V6 kaile rock series 1 TB

Item No: 6080
Package Size:2.5 inches

Product Description

The main parameters Memory capacity: 1 TB Hard disk size: 2.5 -inch hard disk drive Interface types: SATA interface and USB3.0 (backwards compatible USB2.0) Buffer: 8 MB Speed: 5400 r/min Appearance design: blue, ABS engineering plastics External dimensions: 118.9 * 79 * 16.5 mm Product weight: 147 g Other properties: collocation preloading backup software, provide complete computer system backup and support reduction repair function insufficient storage Space to provide early warning function (Disk Space Alert) built-in shock protection technology (shock induction device, and USES the Disk surface park technology) System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP; Mac OS X 10.5 or higher version Warranty information The warranty policy: the national joint guarantee, enjoy after-sales services Quality assurance time: 3 years